Interview 3

Lisa Beran


Lisa Beran is a bilingual theoretical physicist with a PhD from the Philipps University in Marburg. She is currently working as a researcher at the INM - Leibniz Institute for New Materials in Saarbr├╝cken in the program division "Structure Formation". Within the MaterialDigital initiative, Lisa Beran has been working in the DigiBatMat project since June 2022 and will continue her work in the follow-up project DaMaStE.

What do you consider unique about the work of the MaterialDigital initiative?

It creates the groundwork for a digital infrastructure with added value for research and development. The initiative is pioneering the development of a virtual framework for different aspects of material science. It combines knowledge and expertise in a materials data space. Such an interdisciplinary project requires extraordinary teamwork!

What qualities do you think young researchers need to possess?

Curiosity. Tenacity. Adaptability.

Why would you suggest young people study physics?

It has been my experience that studying physics is quite different to being a physicist. Bifurcations in career trajectories are becoming more common and even preferred. Through physics, the focus on logical thought processes and problem-solving skills helps young people to critically think and succeed in a variety of fields.

What drives or inspires you?

As an idealist my answer would be the abundance of potential our generation has with regard to science. Personally, battery research gives me a purpose, particularly in terms of resource conservation and sustainability.